Storage characteristics

Injection restrictions

DONG Storage does not have injection restrictions.

Withdrawal restrictions

Storage customers that withdraw natural gas from Stenlille Gas Storage Facility are subject to withdrawal restrictions illustrated below. 


The illustration shows that when the commercial customers' filling of the storage is more than 11% the storage customers may use 100 % of firm capacity and when the filling of the storage is between 6 % and 11 % the storage customers may use 77 % of firm withdrawal capacity, and 54% of firm withdrawal capacity may be used when the filling of the storage is 6 % or less.

The above restrictions are based on Gastransmission having natural gas stored for emergency supply. In case of an emergency supply situation the restrictions will be changed.

The actual withdrawal restriction for the following day are published each day on the Storage data page under menu point Storage Portal.

Filling requirements

Firm volume capacity sold by DONG Storage is not subject to filling requirements. Gastransmission is responsible for acquiring these when necessary for emergency supply purposes.